On this page you can see examples only some works and opportunities of the studio.
Unfortunately, a huge amount of work done, was made for state and government organizations and therefore it is not possible to put them here in the portfolio.

Examples of creation and opportunities of video effects

Example of creating effects of virtual holograms and screens. Similar effects are used like film production, and creating advertising.
Example of creating and integrating 3d objects and effects in live scenes.
Example of creating a very popular today effect – frozen frames in 3d reality. Adding 3d special effects, it is possible to reach very interesting results for different topics.
Example of creating a cinema scene in which all background and all the elements of the city are constructed by effect.
Examples of shooting and installation of advertising rollers
Example of creation of advertising.
Example of advertising roller for instagrams.
Example of video shooting and installation for creating advertising.
Examples of shooting and creating video clips
Example of video shooting and installation of various landscapes of nature with a high delay determination. Similar deadtings today often use in music videos and advertisements.
Promo Kredit
Video Promo Kredit.